100 years of family business

Geochang Yugi which is a famous family enterprise of traditional Yugi

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100 years of family business for four generations

Geochang Yugi, which has been carrying on its unique technique for over 100 years and four generations
since 1924, has brought a whole light based on its aesthetic philosophy. We create 'works' manually
that reveal the original value of the materials, not the 'products' that are produced mechanically at the factory.

Philosophy of Sincerity 'Handicraft',
The only bowl in the world

Geochang Yugi makes proper bowls
by the hand of craftsmen, not by a machine.
The signature engraved on each piece is a wish
of Geochang Yugi to give everyone something special.

Reasonable persistence

Geochang Yugi products increase the value of
bronzeware by making with high quality casting.
The fine machining of castings makes
the surface smooth and easy to maintain.

For better health 'Geochang Yugi'

It suppresses and sterilizes harmful germs
and makes healthy dining table. Also, the bowls
of Geochang Yugi contain the essence of health,
including warmth and softness as well as freshness of food.

Best materials and best ration
‘Copper 78 and Tin 22’

Once in a 1,500℃ furnace, again in a 1,200℃ crucible.
It recreates ordinary copper and tin as special ingredients.

An effort for perfect quality,
It is a promise we have kept for 100 years.

  • 1924The 1st generation, Kim Seok E opened Geochang Yugi workshop
  • 1935Lee Hyunho became a pupil
  • 1942Imprisonment for the production of bronzeware during the ban
    on the production and delivery of traditional bronzeware by Japan
  • 1946The 1st generation Kim Seok E succeeded the workshop to
    the 2nd generation Lee Hyunho due to aftereffects of imprisonment after liberation
  • 1972The recession of traditional Yugi market, Control of the number of products
  • 1979The workshop was succeeded to the 3rd generation Lee Gihong
  • 1988Pass down the technique, Production resumption of overall cast Yugi
  • 1991The workshop moved to Jeongjang-ri, Geochang-eup
  • 1996Selected as one of 100 symbols of Gyeongsangnam-do and buries in time capsule at Gyeongnam Metropolitan Park
  • 2003Won the 33rd Presidential Award of Korea Craftwork Competition
  • 2004The workshop moved to Dooma-ri, Namha-myeon, Geochang-gun
  • 2009Designated as a prestigious longevity corporation, Works of 2nd and 3rd generations were exhibited at the Museum of Small and Medium Business Administration
  • 2012Broadcasted on KBS 1TV <Restaurant with 100 year history>
  • 2015Lee Hyuk became a pupil as the 4th generation.
  • 20182019 Invited to the Maison de Paris, France
  • 2019Invited to ‘Constancy & Change in Korea Traditiannal Craft’ in Milano, Italy
  • 20192020 Invited to the Maison de Paris, France
  • 2020Won the gold prize at the 49th Gyeongsangnam-do Crafts Fair
  • 2020Won the Prime Minister Award at the 49th Korea Crafts Fair
  • 2020Featured in the 296th episode of “Ordinary Millionaire” by Channel A.
  • 2020Lee Hyeok, the 4th bearer, selected as the best craftsman

Received over 40 awards,
GeoChang Yugi’s Flaming red crucibles is the belief of the customers

We will make lively Yugi like the city Geochang
which is full of beautiful scenery, and its land
where a stream Yeongcheon is flowing vigorously.

Geochang Yugi

308, Gajogaya-ro, Namha-myeon,
Geochang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
TEL|+82) 055 943 4949

OPEN| 09:00 - 18:00
CLOSE |Showroom open year-round
Please cotact before visiting for the weekend and Holiday

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15-10, Seongnaecheon-ro 8-gil,
Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
TEL|+82) 02 430 7039

OPEN| 09:00 - 18:00
CLOSE|Open year-round
Please cotact before visiting for the weekend and Holiday

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We will be always with you
with our constant mind.

Your love and support are the driving force and more valuable than modifiers
such as the first and the best which Geochan Yugi has accumulated over the years.
We believe that the only way to return it is to show high quality Yugi.

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