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How to Take Care of YUGI

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How should I take care of YUGI products?

step 1

10 minutes in vinegar water

Upon receipt, put product in vinegar solution
(lukewarm water:vinegar=20:1) for 10 to 20 minutes
clean the products. This will form an anodic film,
which helps maintain a long-lasting YUGI color.

step 2

Scrub Brush, General Detergent

Using soft scrubs to wash YUGI will make the anodic film thicker,
resulting in more stains. Use the common rough scrub brushes and
detergents to maintain the color for a long time.
Please do not use an iron scrubber, because it may damage the YUGI.

step 3

In case of water stains

After washing, wipe the moisture off with a dry cloth to completely
dry the bronzeware before storage. That will prevent water stains.

step 4

In case of long-term storage

When you don’t plan to use the YUGI for a long time, remove the moisture
and store it by wrapping it in product packaging (plastic) or newspapers.

Rice Cooker, Oven & Dishwasher

When used in electronic products

Do not use it in rice cooker or oven. (But, you can use devices
for direct fire like pots and BBQ plates). When using a dishwasher, it is recommended
to wash YUGI at 80℃ or below. The dishwasher may not clean stains, so hand-washing is recommended.

How should I take care of products in other Lines?

Premium Line

Lacquered YUGI (bronzeware)

Surface of a lacquered YUGI should be treated with soft scrubbers.
Using a rough scrubber may make the surface to be peeled off.

Jewelry Line

YUGI Jewelry Care

GEO CHANG YUGI Jewelry are made by plating on the bronzeware.
It is rare but the plating may be slightly peeled off during the use. You can
take care of YUGI jewelry like conventional plated jewelry. If the plating is off
and the bronze color is shown, use a rough scrubber to rub the surface.
Then, it will transform itself to be unplated YUGI jewelry.